Time travel already exists in Star Wars – why it was only used once

A plot device so common in other science fiction stories that time travel already exists war of stars – was only used once. In one of pop culture’s most creative and far-flung fantasy universes, it’s odd that elements like time travel and alternate timelines don’t appear that frequently war of stars. In a saga where the Force seems to dictate fate, the madness of time travel is still not part of daily discussions about war of stars as a franchise.

On the other hand, there are the superhero films, in which the notion of time travel and different realities is becoming increasingly common. Reasons for using this plot resource vary, but generally include the need to close a story that has become too complex, undo a controversial decision, or celebrate a franchise’s bygone moments. That’s how movies like Avengers: Endgame and X-Men: Days of Future Past uses the concept of time travel, and like movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand The Lightning use the multiverse.


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So far the war of stars Movies have never used anything close to time travel. However, the animated series war of stars rebels has already introduced the concept of time travel into the saga. Among the various elements that rebels added war of stars Canon, the world between worlds, has given Ahsoka the ability to travel to the future and opened a Pandora’s box containing the war of stars Show was closing quickly.

What is the world between worlds? Star Wars time travel explained

Star Wars Multiverse Rebels world between worlds

During the fourth and final season of war of stars rebelsThe audience followed the crew of the Ghost trying to figure out what the Empire’s plans for Lothal were and why Emperor Sheev Palpatine took a special interest in the planet. The answer lay in a forgotten Jedi temple on the planet, the entrance to which was guarded by a painting of the Mortis gods: the father, daughter, and son. Those who watched war of stars: The clone wars recognized the iconography that represented the mysterious and all-powerful being that Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Anakin once encountered. Guided by the Wolves of Lothal and in possession of a special key, Ezra Bridger managed to open the door to the temple and found himself in one of the galaxy’s greatest mysteries.

A huge void connecting different points in time and space is like the so-called “World Between Worlds” can be defined. In this place that exists outside of reality, Ezra could hear echoes of important moments in the galaxy’s past and future, including voices that audiences knew well, such as those of Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Kylo Ren. The way the world between worlds was connected to time became even clearer after Ezra was able to see through a portal Ahsoka fighting Vader, which had already happened two years ago. Before Vader could kill Ahsoka, Ezra pulled his friend through the portal and performed the first time travel war of stars Story.

Ahsoka was now two years in the future and had no idea of ​​anything that had happened since her fight with Darth Vader. She was given the option to live on in the future and help in the fight for Lothal, but chose to return to the exact point in the story where she left off. As Ahsoka walked back to the Ruins of Malachor, war of stars rebels asked if the story was always meant to be like this – since it was the same scene from the season 2 finale – or if Ezra had altered the story in some way. In any case, the fact is that Ahsoka traveled two years into the future and then returned to her original timeline in possession of information from future events.

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Why Star Wars only used time travel once

Star Wars Rebels World Between Worlds Ezra Ahsoka

Time travel is a powerful but complicated tribute – both in-universe and behind the scenes. The opportunities to revisit and alter story points can only be rivaled by the plot holes and inconsistencies such a thing can create, which explains why time travel is typically a last resort for many franchises. That avenger Franchise, for example, had to use time travel to tie loose ends of the Infinity saga, and X-Men had done something similar with years ago days of the future past.

for war of stars, a saga where canon and continuity are as important to fans as the story and characters, dealing with time travel becomes even more complicated. Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm meant a redefinition of what was and wasn’t canon war of stars and promised to create a single, consistent continuity. When time travel is thrown into the mix, every point in history can be rewritten, events can be reconnected, and the thread that holds the saga together becomes slack.

When time travel became an easily accessible resource in war of starsthen questions like why the heroes don’t use it to stop Order 66 or the destruction of war of stars‘ Alderaan, or why the Sith Loyalists aren’t using it to stop the rise of the Jedi or the destruction of the Death Star, would become a common question. Events like the ones listed are so significant to the story of the saga and to the franchise that any change could have irreparable consequences – and war of stars would soon have to contend with alternate timelines and the multiverse.

Will Star Wars ever use time travel again?

Ahsoka Tano and TV Show Logo

At the end of war of stars rebels, the door that gave access to the Jedi Temple and thus to the world between worlds, was sealed forever. This means, at least in theory, that the ability to travel between different points in history is now lost forever. However, not much is known about the world between worlds other than ancient Jedi texts that Luke Skywalker had on Ahch-To theories about its existence. If war of stars If anyone ever wants to use the time travel plot device again, it would be perfectly reasonable to reveal that the world between worlds is accessible via other Jedi temples hidden throughout the galaxy.

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Although it is unlikely that war of stars will be looking at time travel again soon, one way the saga could address this issue would be through the Ahsoka Series. The character is the only one who has traveled through time war of stars Still, and the first logo for their show has a design reminiscent of the World Between Worlds aesthetic. It remains to be seen whether this has any meaning and whether war of stars ever open Pandora’s box of time travel again.

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