The million pound challenge offers health and wellness resources

The Million Pound Challenge health initiative is providing resources and information to help the community recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic

GREENSBORO, NC — It should come as no surprise that people have gained weight during the pandemic. All have been isolated at home with their fridges and pantries to keep them company. Mental health has also been severely affected for the same reasons that job loss and financial stress triggered depression and anxiety.

Health and wellness expert Lynch Hunt is focused on finding a way to help people recover from all the strains the pandemic has thrown at the community. This month he unveiled a new partnership to combat the impact.

“The Million Pound Challenge is a health initiative where we are working together to help people get the resources and information they need to heal from all the things that have plagued us for the last two years in the wake of the pandemic have,” Hunt said.

Hunt owns two AWOL Fitness locations in Greensboro. He saw mental health and physical well-being noticeably impacted during the pandemic.

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“Experiencing these drastic circumstances so quickly and in such a short time has caused anxiety and depression in our families. Anxiety and depression have doubled in children since the global pandemic began,” Hunt said.

Mental health and fitness are the focus because one affects the other.

“When we get anxious or depressed, we turn to bad food, and that bad diet leads to weight gain, and that leads to obesity and then disease and chronic disease,” Hunt said.

Hunt works with other mental health and wellness organizations to provide information, resources and programs, whether it be counseling or exercise.

“For example, anyone involved in our Million Pound Challenge can log into a therapy session with a Zoom link and get the information we need to help us cope with one too many bad days,” he said.

He hopes that by bringing the community together to fight this common enemy, people will begin to heal.

“We want people to be in the best shape and health of their lives,” Hunt said. “As you transform your body, your mind also begins to transform, and that’s how we can start the process and be the change you want to see in the world.”

Hunt actively recruits organizations, healthcare providers, counselors and children’s groups to work with him on the Million Pound Challenge.

According to Hunt, you don’t have to make a monetary donation, but it’s easy to get involved. More information can be found here.

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