RoundGlass unveils its Music for Wellbeing YouTube channel featuring compositions designed to enhance the meditation experience

BELLEVUE, wash., April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — roundglassa global holistic wellness company dedicated to helping people on their personal wellness journey, announces its company’s unveiling Music to feel good channel on youtube. The channel combines diverse sounds and music amid tranquil surroundings, including moving art, to inspire listeners on a personal journey to holistic well-being. Music has the unique ability to enhance the immersive meditation experience available to anyone seeking happiness, health and peace of mind.

World music singer-songwriter and designer Amrita Sen serves as the leader of RoundGlass’ Music for Wellbeing in partnership with RoundGlass’ Global Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing Prakriti Poddar. Amrita developed the channel’s content, including her original hand-painted drawings, which serve as moving artworks to accompany the music. Designed specifically for RoundGlass, it was inspired by experiences that combine art, light and sound like the immersive Van Gogh exhibition. The original compositions take listeners on a sonic journey with categories such as Sleep Stories, which tell familiar bedtime stories to encourage rest and relaxation, or Soundscapes, which paint vibrant environments to allow listeners to transcend and focus on to be present.

RoundGlass and its founder, sunny sing, firmly believe in the healing and inspiring power of music. By exploring the auditory facets of meditation, the new Music for Wellbeing channel supports RoundGlass’ overall mission to inspire people to live lives of holistic wellbeing.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of the channel’s official home base on the RoundGlass Living website and app. For more information follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and subscribe to YouTube.

RoundGlass is a global, holistic wellbeing company dedicated to empowering and empowering people on their journey to personal wellbeing. RoundGlass’ mission is simple yet ambitious: to inspire the power of holistic wellness to create a happier, healthier, and more joyful world. The company achieves this by investing in and developing new technologies, sharing knowledge and focusing on action for the benefit of individuals, their communities and the world.

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