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CHENNAI: As much as buildings and statues play an important role in telling stories about a city’s history, coins and bills also have their share of representations. The National Level Grand Coin Fair 2022, organized by Chennai Coin Club, highlights the heritage and culture preserved on the two sides of coins and opened to the public on Saturday. The three-day event was opened by Thangam Thennarasu, Minister of Industry, Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture and Archaeology. Chennai Manikandan, numismatist and President of the Chennai Coin Club, was the guest of honor.

Numismatists from across India attended the event which aims to preserve the exhaustive history of different cultures through coins from different eras. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the exhibition was buzzing again with several coin enthusiasts gathered at the exhibition and hefty sales of antique and vintage coins – some even priced at 2 lakh.

“Although there are many historical monuments that preserve culture, coins also play an important role in history in preserving a nation’s heritage as they reflect the lives of our ancestors. Today, historical artifacts are being destroyed because their meaning is not known. Through this fair, we want to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the importance of coins in history, especially among students,” Manikandan said. “I am also proud to say that Minister Thangam Thennarasu claimed that this coin fair more than the Dubai Industrial Exhibition with a core capital of Rs 6,200 brought him immense satisfaction and satisfaction. He also promised that he would get help from the government through the Prime Minister for the subsequent coin fairs to be held in the state,” he added.

Vivekanand, who holds a world record for mosque currency and has been collecting coins for 20 years, shared, “Coin collecting has been my passion, I attend every coin fair across the country.” years old. “I have always been fascinated by old coins and antiques.

Antiques, foreign coins, commemorative coins, VIP and VVIP coin sets have been my favorites. The coins from the Chola rule also attract me,” he said. At the fair, Dr. J Radhakrishnan, Principal Secretary for Health and Family Welfare and Elambahavath K, Special Service Officer (Illam Thedi Kalvi). Admission to the fair, which ends today, is free.

Address: JK Mahal, MGR Road, SBI Colony Station, Nanganallur.


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