Mid Sussex Planning Applications: Here is the latest list of submissions across the region

DM/22/1078: Eastwood Farm, Shaves Wood Lane. This application is being submitted in order to obtain compliance with a legal agreement in respect of Section 52 in relation to Planning Application AE/009/86 in respect of Eastwood Farm which requires the dwelling to be owned in connection with the use and occupancy of the entire Land is inhabited an agricultural unit.

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DM/22/0596: NCP Ltd, Harlands Road Car Park, Harlands Road, Haywards Heath. Clearance of the site and construction of a building of 64 residential units (48 1 bed, 16 2 bed) with associated driveway, parking, landscaping and ancillary works. Photo: Google Maps.

DM/22/1003: Bridge Farm, Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill. Replacement of existing Horsham stone roof tiles.

DM/22/1020: North Ridge, Brook Street, Cuckfield. Side and loft conversion with rear view balcony on ground floor and rear side and front view skylight.

DM/22/1095: 12 College Road. Rear extension of ground floor, infill dormer to front elevation and replacement windows.

DM/22/1103: 29 Ardings Close. T6 Oak – felled tree. Dead oak infested with honey fungus. There is no more room for transplanting between neighboring oaks. T13 Ash – felled tree. Dying Ashes. No replanting planned as the site is too close to the road which poses a future risk to pedestrians and parked cars.

DM/22/1107: Car Park, Ardingly Reservoir, College Road. The installation of 1No. Pole and 1No. self-contained ANPR camera and solar panel attached to the pole to capture vehicle registrations entering and exiting a busy parking lot at Ardingly Reservoir. Camera data is used to monitor the vehicle’s dwell time and compare it to parking conditions (T&Cs) for the parking lot.

DM/22/1108: Car Park, Ardingly Reservoir, College Road. The installation of 1No. Pole with an A1 size sign attached to the pole at the car park entrance. The installation of 5no. Posts with an A1-size sign attached to each post on the perimeter of the parking lot will detail the Terms and Conditions associated with using the parking lot. Installation of 2nr. Poles with an A0 size tariff information label attached, there will be 2 none. Tariff information signs installed at two key points on site to ensure visitors understand how much they will have to pay for the duration of their stay.

DM/22/1119: Longacres Croft, Church Lane. Proposed ground floor connection extension between existing buildings and first floor bedroom extension.

DM/21/4303: Property adjacent to Roseoak House, Colwood Lane, Warninglid. Conversion and expansion of the existing building into a 5-bed apartment building.

DM/22/1082: Pickwell, Buncton Lane. Conversion of an outbuilding (stables) into a two bedroom cottage.

DM/22/1116: Tyler House Cross, Colwood Lane. Deletion of building requirement no. 4 for building permit BK/01/01857/FUL.

DM/22/0796: Solna, Gloucester Road. Loft conversion with interior work, front skylights and rear dormer windows and rear single storey extension (plans and description changed 07/04).

DM/22/0876: 26 Cromwell Road. Single-storey extension to the rear as a replacement for the existing conservatory with a flat roof and lanterns.

DM/22/1018: 42 St. Johns Avenue. Proposed 2 storey rear extension. Loft conversion with loft conversion to living space (to install skylights on the side and rear). Remove existing rear conservatory. Remove the existing utility room/garage and replace it with a single story side annex.

DM/22/1063: 36 The Ridings. Planned skylights on the approved eastern slope of the new extension.

DM/22/1109: Former Royal British Legion Hall, 30 Cyprus Road. Amending condition 2 relating to planning application DM/21/3067 to allow for proposed changes to the approved drawings referenced in the condition.

DM/22/0564: Dutton Homestall Farm, Shovelstrode Lane. Conversion of redundant farm building into a three bedroom detached house (C3) (resubmission of previously approved DM/20/1076).

DM/22/0832: The Printing House, middle row 6. Change of use from A1 to Sui Generis. Currently a print shop and planning to switch to a beauty salon.

DM/22/1089: 57 Campbell Crescent. Demolition of an existing rear conservatory and single storey extension in favor of a one and two storey rear extension.

DM/22/1090: Land adjacent to The Grange, Furze Lane. Erection of a detached house on a plot of land adjacent to the Grange, Furze Lane.

DM/22/1101: 18 Garden Wood Road. 1st floor lateral expansion, one-storey rear expansion and change of the roof profile to full hip.

DM/22/1105: 11 Buckhurst Met. Proposed use of property to erect mobile home as ancillary to primary residence and proposed mobile home.

DM/22/1114: Lyndhurst, Maypole Road. Loft conversion with mansard roof to the front, dormers to the side, dormers to the rear, raising of the ridge line; Conversion of the rear outbuilding with raising of the ridge and the dormer to the rear sloping roof.

DM/22/1126: 1 Sackville Gardens. T1 Oak – Crown reduces canopy by 3-5m to suitable growth points.

DM/22/1132: Gartenhausgasse 35. T1 Beech – Reduce crown to growth just above previous intersections and reduce canopy by 1-2 metres.

DM/22/1141: 22 Manning Close. Ash (T1) fell due to ash dieback Yew (T2) fell due to excessive shading Maple (T3) Reduce crown by 1.5-2 m to suitable growth points.

DM/22/0645: 16 Damian Way. Extension of the first floor to enlarge the master bedroom. Raising the rear of the existing flat roof to the garage to allow for a partial conversion. Revised plans and supporting details received on 04/07/2022.

DM/22/1070: 14 Highlands Close. Rear and side ground floor extension.

DM/22/0070: Jewson Building Merchants, 37 Bridge Road. Extension at the back of the storage building.

DM/22/0596: NCP Ltd, Harlands Road Car Park, Harlands Road. Clearance of the site and construction of a building of 64 residential units (48 1 bed, 16 2 bed) with associated driveway, parking, landscaping and ancillary works.

DM/22/0865: The Physiotherapy Centre, 11 Heath Road. Change of use of an existing detached house from mixed use (D1 physiotherapy practice and C3 residential use) to a detached house (use class C3). Including associated window changes and the construction of a one-story orangery extension to the rear facade. Construction of a detached single garage. Associated hard and soft landscaping work.

DM/22/0978: 90 Lewes Road. Installation of a solar panel array on a southeast facing sloping roof.

DM/22/1041: 45B timber drive. Remove existing single garage. Build a two-story side annex and a one-story rear annex. Remove the existing conservatory and replace it with a two-story side extension. Double dormer extension and replacement window on the west side.

DM/22/1093: 4 Wychperry Road. Single storey rear extension.

DM/22/1097: 2 Amberley Close. Replacement conservatory roof.

DM/22/1098: Mid Sussex Borough Council, Hazelgrove Road car park, St Josephs Way. Demolish the existing toilet block and build a new toilet block consisting of a changing room, male toilet and female toilet.

DM/22/1100: Hathaways, 10A Rothley Chase. (T2) Beech – fell to the ground.

DM/22/1123: 2A Quakers Lane. Two storey side addition, driveway and boundary changes, new lowered curb, floor plan reconfiguration and all related work.

DM/22/1154: 5 The Grove. Ash (T1) Reduce by 3 meters .

Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common

DM/22/0831: 1 Mansions, Herrenstrasse, Hurstpierpoint. Spruce – fell.

DM/22/0915: West Town Farm, Barn 1, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint. Riding arena size 20m x 40m for private use.

DM/22/0971: 3 High Street, Hurst Pier Point. 1 x Makrokarpa (T1) – remove the lowest branch on the west side, shorten the crown on the north side by 1 m to create a distance to the silver birch, shorten the lowest branch on the east side by 2 m.

DM/22/1046 Land north of Clayton Wickham Farm, College Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Barn conversion to living and associated building work.

DM/22/1075: Hang, Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed replacement of side patio doors with new sliding windows, new single-story side extension and new single-story rear extension.

DM/22/0792: 42A Appledore Gardens. Front yard redesign.

DM/22/1056: Milton House, Black Hill. Proposed two-story replacement for the rear extension (as approved under application DM/21/0485) to accommodate PV panels on the east slope of the roof.

DM/22/1059: Boarsland, 72 High Street. Subsequent painting of the front door (color change to yellow) and replacement of the door sign.

DM/22/1061: Boarsland, 72 High St. Subsequent painting of the front door (color change to yellow) and replacement of the door sign.

DM/22/1087: 40A Appledore Gardens. Creation of a new access road to the property with water-permeable paving stones instead of the front garden.

DM/22/1118: 20 Finches Park Road. Front and rear extensions.

DM/22/0916: Shamrock Cottage, Gravelye Lane, Lindfield. Two-storey rear extension and extension of 2 skylights in the south and 1 in the north on the upper floor roof.

DM/22/0439: Scotland Farm, Hampshire Hill. Planned conversion of a barn into a 3 bedroom house. Revisions to development approved under DM/18/4663.

DM/21/3799: Grovelands Farm, Highbrook Lane. Changed plans received on April 4th, 2022 – Single storey extension of the existing residential building and renovation work.

DM/21/3800: Grovelands Farm, Highbrook Lane. Changed plans received on April 4th, 2022 – Single storey extension of the existing residential building and renovation work.

DM/20/4297: Kilnwood Cottage, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down. Proposed two storey side extension. Tree report received (03/02/2022).

DM/22/0953: Herondale House, Cuttinglye Road, Crawley Down. The demolition of the existing property and garages and the construction of a replacement house and garages.

DM/22/1072: Grange Close, Sandhill Lane, Crawley Down. Two storey side extension with garden room and master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.

DM/22/1128: 10 Bracken Close, Copthorne. Extension of the winter garden.

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