Irchester Bungalow Distillery is the unlikely home of glittery marshmallow-flavored gin

A lockdown project born out of a love of brewing has transformed a small shed in Irchester into England’s smallest fully licensed distillery.

Behind the Little Devil Distillery is Stewart Bridge, creator of the handcrafted vodka, gin, rum and brandy from his back garden ‘Nano’ distillery.

Working with partner Claire, the couple put the money they saved to expand their bungalow into their business and, having just sold their 200th bottle, are looking to expand sales.

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Stewart with the still

The Little Devil Distillery is hoping to obtain a license to sell products online to a mass market – including the best-selling Marshmallow Glitter Gin developed by Stewart.

He said: “I’ve been making my own beer, wine and cider for a long time, then we discovered gin during lockdown.

“I have ADHD and an autism spectrum disorder, so my hobbies were fleeting, but science and chemistry really appealed to me.”

Starting with a basic kit, Stewart invested £40,000 in equipment including a plated still column. He received a full license to produce alcohol.

Stewart Bridge – Head Distiller – with the marshmallow gin

He said: “I think we could be the smallest fully licensed distillery in England.”

During the three-week process, Stewart uses water and a “secret ingredient” to create gin, vodka and rum. It has the capacity to produce 1,000 bottles a month.

He said: “Our maximum is 1,000 bottles a month, but we’re a long way from that. We have just sold our 200th bottle since opening in October 2021.

“Our marshmallow gin is the most popular. It’s a gin with a marshmallow root in it – it’s not sickly and it’s meant to be a blender.”

Little Devil – Marshmallow Gin

The company also produces Bloody Reaper, which contains the world’s hottest chili currently available – the Carolina Reaper.

Stewart said, “It’s fun when I come up with a new recipe. The chili isn’t too spicy, but it’s there.”

He thanks partner and co-director Claire for her hard work in the business. He said, “If Claire hadn’t given me that chance and kept me in check, we wouldn’t be here.”

The distillery donates £1 for every bottle sold to autism support groups and charities across Northamptonshire to help all the other local ‘little devils’ out there.

Stewart Bridge

Stewart had a difficult childhood and was cared for in a children’s home from the ages of eight to 16. He was then housed in a dormitory for two years.

He said: “When I was a kid I was often called ‘little devil.’ I was an undiagnosed “brat” and got expelled from so many schools. That’s why I named the company Little Devil Distillery.

“I’ve been so fortunate and want to give back to other people with autism.”

If the company is granted a site license, the company can sell its products made in Northamptonshire across the country.

Currently the nine gins and vodkas are stocked around the county at The Little R’ale House at Wellingborough Station, RHTS Station Bar at Rushden Station and the Irchester convenience store on Arkwright Road, Irchester.

Bloody Reaper

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