Food bank providers ‘deeply concerned’ at suffering across the UK from ‘relentless’ demand | UK News

Food bank providers have warned they are “deeply concerned by the level of suffering” across the UK and say they are struggling to keep up with “relentless” demand.

More than 550 independent food banks called Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak Urgent action to combat “rapidly increasing poverty, destitution and hunger”.

Many are reaching a breaking point as families struggle through the crisis Cost of Living Crisisaccording to the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN).

The charity The Trussell Trust said it was “deeply concerned” by the real-world benefit cuts and that the government must prevent the cost-of-living crisis “from becoming a national emergency”.

“Immediate Action” required

The network said people were grappling with increases in food and energy prices – while beneficiaries saw a real cut as inflation outstripped payments.

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In a letter to the Prime Minister and Chancellor, the group called on the couple to take “immediate action” to reduce “the rapidly rising poverty, misery and hunger in our communities.”

They said: “We are deeply concerned by the level of suffering we are already experiencing and our ability to prevent people from starving in the weeks and months to come.”

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Boris Johnson suggests more needs to be done to help people struggling with the cost of living

It added that emergency supplies only acted as a temporary band-aid.

Can’t pick up the parts

The letter said exhausted and overwhelmed food bank teams “may not be able to keep picking up the pieces” as they face “such unrelenting demand.”

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It added that people who used to donate to Tafel are now in need of help themselves.

William McGranaghan, founder of Dad’s House, a charity providing practical support to single fathers across the UK, said: “The amount of stress and anxiety inflicted on parents and children will be catastrophic when it comes to the cost of a family breakdown, NHS transfers, kids miss school and parents go into debt.”

Last month, inflation hit a new 30-year high at 6.2%, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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