Bike lanes are set to roll out as active travel plans get the green light despite the impact on businesses

Separate cycle lanes will be introduced along two routes in Bath this summer to encourage active travel. It follows the approval of changes to parking restrictions on both routes, which Bath and North East Somerset Council recognize will have “some impact” on residents and local businesses.

Separate cycle lanes will be created and improvements made for pedestrians along the A4 Upper Bristol Road and A36 Beckford Road. The council says feedback on the parking restriction changes needed to create separate cycle lanes along both routes has been “carefully considered”.

The council had already shelved plans for another active itinerary on the North Road, which proved controversial with locals, as King Edwards School said the scheme could “compromise the safety” of students, staff, cyclists and pedestrians.

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More than 500 residents and businesses commented on the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) last December announcing the proposed changes. In the consultation, 57 per cent of respondents supported the Upper Bristol Road scheme in whole or in part, while 72 per cent supported the Beckford Road scheme in whole or in part.

The majority of supporters of the proposals referred to the need for safe and comfortable infrastructure for cyclists and the creation of better places for pedestrians. However, the most common concerns raised by those objecting to the proposals concerned the loss of on-street parking and questioning the need for cycle lanes.

Councilor Sarah Warren, Deputy Chair and Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel, said: “We recognize that these programs will have an impact on some residents and businesses along the routes. Because of this, we took the time to study people’s feedback and made some changes to the proposed restrictions, such as: B. Retaining double yellow lines on Forester Road as part of the Beckford Road scheme.

“While some respondents see no need for designated bike lanes, a national survey shows that one of the biggest barriers keeping more people from cycling is concerns about safety. The provision of cycle lanes will enable more people to get on their bikes and as we develop a larger, improved cycle network in Bath and North East Somerset cycling will become more accessible to more people.

“Providing safe cycling facilities as part of Bath’s planned cycle lane network and improvements for pedestrians will help us tackle the climate emergency while improving the health of our communities.”

As part of the A4 Upper Bristol Road project, new cycle lanes will be installed between Midland Road and Charlotte Street, which will be segregated from car traffic. Street crossings are also prioritized for pedestrians. There will also be parking spaces for buses and bicycles.

The A36 Beckford Road project will see a new eastbound cycle lane, segregated from car traffic, built along Beckford Rd, with some on-street parking being reallocated nearby. Road crossings will also be improved.

Both schemes are being funded with £500,000 from the Government’s Active Travel Fund to enable more people to walk or cycle local trips. The Council submitted the successful bid to the Department for Transport via the West of England Combined Authority.

Councilor Warren added: “These schemes are part of our broader strategy to make it more convenient to walk or cycle short distances and to help residents, businesses and visitors to Bath and North East Somerset reduce their carbon emissions, reduce air pollution reduce and live healthier lives. We have consulted extensively and I believe these programs are safe, meet the needs of residents and businesses and will encourage more sustainable travel.”

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