Announcing the winners of the 2022 Carl Nielsen Competition

The Carl Nielsen International Competition 2022 has come to an end and the winners of the violinists, clarinetists and flautists were announced at an awards ceremony in Odense, the Danish composer’s hometown.

It was a memorable year of competition, and the juries – led by violinist Noah Bendix-Bagley, clarinetist Yehuda Gilad and flutist Heinz Schütz – had some difficult decisions to make. In a way, their joint selection of first prize winners reflects the high level of talent this year.

Attendees benefited from even more coaching opportunities this year, with winners taking home prize money and recording opportunities themselves.

First prize winners include violinists Hans Christian Aavik (23) and Bohdan Luts (17), joined by clarinettist Oleg Shebata Dragan (27) and flautist Alberto Navarra (24). They each take home €12,000 and the chance to record with the Odense Symphony Orchestra – the results of which will eventually be published by Orchid Classics.

Aavik also won the award for Best Interpretation of a Commissioned Work for the Violin Competition – for Jesper Kochs labyrinth.

Other awards included a trip to the Buffet Crampon factory in France for clarinettist Gerbrich Meijer to select a brand new instrument.

The President of the competition, Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, is pleased not only with the results, but also with the way the participants worked together.

“This competition exceeded all of our expectations in many ways. First and foremost for having four outstanding First Prize winners of exceptional musicianship and individuality. Also for the overall high level of music making that we have heard from the many participants over the past ten days. Equally important was the extraordinary sense of togetherness we saw and felt among the participants – young musicians showing genuine warmth and support on and off the stage.

Here is a full list of the winners of this year’s competition…

First price
Violin (joint first prize): Hans Christian Aavik (23) & Bohdan Luts (17)
Clarinet: Oleg Shebeta-Dragan (27)
Flute: Alberto Navarra (24)

second prize
Clarinet: Ann Lepage (25)
Flute: Seohyeon Kim (20)

Third Prize
Violin: Eun Che Kim (24)
Clarinet: Panagiotis Giannakas (21)
Flute: Alberto Acuna Almela (25)

Award for the best interpretation
Hans Christian Aavik (violin)

Prize for playing for Nielsen
Jonathan Leibovitz (clarinet)

Special Price
Gerbrich Meijer (clarinet)

Odense Symphony Orchestra Prize
Hans Christian Aavik (violin)
Oleg Shebata-Dragan (clarinet)
Seohyon Kim (flute)

Youth Jury Prize
Bohdan Luts (violin)
Oleg Shebata-Dragan (clarinet)
Seohyon Kim (flute)

Photo: Bohdan Luts, Hans Christian Aavik, Alberto Navarra, Oleg Shebeta-Dragan
Copyright: Morten Kjærgaard

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