A new interactive art trail has opened on the Fallowfield Loop

A new interactive art trail was unveiled at fallow field Ribbon. In between, the work of art runs Chorton and Levenschulme and is both visual and interactive via an app.

The trail officially opens today, Monday April 11th, and is laid out as a treasure map with the letters of the alphabet and the numbers one through nine mixed up along the loop. There are 36 numbers and letters to collect and if you download the Artivive app you can see them come to life.

The trail uses augmented reality, creating digital art from the letters and numbers hidden around the Fallowfield Loop.

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The Street Art Path was a fully self-financed project by an artist Oscar with K who painted all the murals, and digital designer Will Albin Clark who created the digital artwork.

The trail begins at St. Werburgh’s Road tram stop in Chorlton and follows the Fallowfield Loop, ending at the newly refurbished train station Bicycle café south station in Levensülme. The café is also offering 15% off food and non-alcoholic beverages for anyone who can prove they’ve completed the artwork treasure hunt.

Oskar explained how he and Will came to create the art trail. He said: “I painted the murals on the Fallowfield Loop and Will gets the murals that I painted and animated.

“I live in Levenshulme, so I’ve painted quite a bit on the Fallowfield Loop. In a way we carried out an existing project called 36 Days of Type which is an online graphic design challenge where you create the alphabet and the numbers from zero to nine over the course of 36 days.

“We did this challenge and since I drew all the letters on the Fallowfield Loop it made sense to make it something for the public to engage with. It’s almost like a treasure hunt, and people can try the app for themselves.

A map of the interactive art trail through the Fallowfield Loop

“In a way, it morphed from an existing project into the Fallowfield Loop alphabet trail.”

Oskar also explained how to combine the murals with the digital art. He said: “To engage with this, go down to the Fallowfield Loop, there’s an app called Artivive, point your phone at the letter and it starts to animate in space. It’s augmented reality, so you can see the mural and then watch the animation play over the mural on your phone.

“They’re not okay, people assumed they would say things or be okay, but no, they’re not okay. Actually yes, they are all thrown together and the piste map has just been released.”

To download the Artivie app, visit the website click here.

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