9 DIY renovations that could devalue your home – and everyone has at least one

Many of us might think that tidying things up in your home is becoming more appealing to buyers — but there are tear-able makeover pitfalls that all homeowners should know about.

Of course, giving a room a fresh coat of paint to freshen things up makes a home more desirable to a buyer—especially if it’s neutral. But digging up the lawn to replace it with decking or turning your bathroom into a wet room could actually be the turnoff, reports Hull Live.

It might be beneficial to remember to fix these deterrent issues before you put your home on the market – and be aware that there are a number of features that deter potential buyers. Here are some of the top breakaways that buyers have said would put them off buying a home.

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1. Textured walls and ceilings

“Popcorn,” or textured blankets, were once all the rage — all of our grandparents have those swirling patterns that were “once in vogue” — but removing them can be a slow and messy process, which a home visitor will be just as aware of as the hassle and the cost for them to smooth things over.

Room for improvement?! The bathroom in the cottage at Edgerton Cemetery

2. No bath

Removing the bathtub from the bathroom and turning it into a wet room isn’t always appealing — showers are a necessity for refreshment, but baths are for relaxation and much-needed self-care. They’re also a lot easier for washing up messy kids and pets.

3. Colored bathroom

A classic white suite will sell to a viewer more easily than a dated avocado or burgundy number, even if you’re willing to think of it as quirky or retro. Perhaps this is a much needed change.

4. Hobby Rooms

While a gym, movie theater, or craft room is perfect for your family, potential buyers often find it difficult to picture themselves in the space — it’s usually better to clear the space and let its potential shine through.

5. All dressed up

Too many decking boards in the garden can rob the room of its natural appeal. Large expanses of wood can look unloving, they limit the use of the garden area and need cleaning and maintenance; On the other hand, too small a covered area is considered impractical for things like entertainment.

6. Artificial grass

You might think you’re offering a potential owner an easy way out of one of gardening’s greatest chores—mowing a lawn—but artificial grass can fade, it can get hot in the sun, and it’s not natural, so wildlife doesn’t take advantage of its properties .

7. Statement Tiles

Using a bold color or tile pattern in all the main rooms of your home could prove off-putting to a buyer – kitchens and bathrooms decked out in wild hues or even with tiles arranged in unusual layouts will put people off clean, white designs are key.

8. Bold Walls

Dramatic color choices on walls and ceilings can also be off-putting. Dark gray walls have also been cited as one of the least attractive features in a home, although lately they’ve been championed by celebrities and social media stars while showing off their pads.

9. Double leaf doors

While there has been a huge surge in the installation of bi-folding doors in recent years to blend indoor and outdoor spaces virtually seamlessly, they may need to come back into your home and limit space there. They do not have a raised threshold so water could be blown into the interior if not installed correctly, and each folding glass panel has its own frame that somewhat obscures the view.

Here are some top tips to get your home buyer ready.

Get rid of the clutter

No one wants to see piles of read magazines and newspapers in the corner of the living room, or see your scruffy makeup strewn on the dressing table in your bedroom, and they definitely don’t want to see a fridge and kitchen cabinets full of your little drawings.

dirt time

Dirty windows, stale toilets, and a sink full of dirty pans will not win the beholder’s favor, nor will signs of mold or damp anywhere on the property.


Clean those rugs and stains on the floor before inviting anyone over, light a candle or spray on some air freshener too.

curb complaint

Keep the yard tidy and mow the lawn, invest in some tubs of brightly colored plants, and paint your front door and fence if they’ve seen better days.

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