Pokemon fan art features Disney’s Mulan as a Pokemon trainer

Pokemon fan art often takes inspiration from other franchises and a Mulan fan imagines what the Disney princess would look like as a trainer.

The world of Pokemon occasionally mixes with other universes Pokemon Fan art that has become a staple of the franchise since its inception in the ’90s. A Pokemon Gamer with artistic skills decided to create fan art depicting Disney’s Mulan as one Pokemon Trainers focused on Water-type Pokémon that resemble characters from mulan.

Reddit user Micahrem recently posted theirs Pokemon Fan art showing Mulan next to a Pokemon heavily inspired by the little dragon in the original mulan movie, Mushu. The drawing also includes an image of the animation mulan next to her little sidekick in the top left corner to show that Micahrem bases her fan art on the first one mulan Released in 1998 and not the live-action counterpart that came out in 2020. Like most others Pokemon Trainers that anime and video games are based on, Mulan as a Pokemon The trainer looks like a teenager compared to her film adaptation.


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Micahrems Pokemon The fan art shows Mulan standing on a rock in deep water, with two larger rocks behind her and a bright red Gyarados emerging from the water in the center. Mulan has swapped out her traditional Chinese attire to more closely resemble one Pokemon Trainer in Micahrem’s fan art as she wears rolled up jeans, a sporty jacket and what appears to be red Converse All Stars. The mulan Pokemon The trainer holds a pokeball in one hand, likely intended for the Gyarados, while her other hand holds a sword, as she often does in the Disney film.

Shiny Gyarados was first introduced by Pokemon Gold and Silver, where it inhabited the Lake of Wrath. Unlike Gyarados in the Pokemon In the water and flying type franchise, but also seen as a dragon, Mushu has been particularly teased mulan for not being a real dragon. Because Micahrem drew from the animated original mulan movie for her Pokemon As inspiration for fan art, Mulan’s Trainer version can also trade Cri-Kee for Kricket Dead and Khan for Spectrier, while others Pokemon Fans have noticed that Centiskorch also resembles Mushu.

Considering the similarities between Shiny Gyarados and Mushu, it’s fitting that Micahrem chose the Pokémon as the centerpiece for a Mulan Pokemon Coach Fan Art. Although there are more Pokemon that could fit Mulan’s team Pokemon Coaches, it’s currently unclear if Micahrem intends to add to theirs Pokemon fan art. because mulan is owned by Disney and Pokemon Being a Nintendo franchise, fans of Micahrem’s fan art are unlikely to ever see the two universes colliding in the same way, but a future Pokemon Character could always draw inspiration from the Disney Princess.

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