Why you should hug nettles

Why you should hug nettles

Many kitchens have already adopted the plant: boiled nettle with walnuts is a common dish in Georgia, for example, while Romanians make sour soup with young nettles, according to Kriegel and colleagues. In Britain, the leaves are used to wrap a type of Cornish cheese called Yarg, altering the acidity of its surface and affecting … Read more

Historic home in Northcote, Melbourne has been renovated to be chic and contemporary

Behind the Edwardian facade of this historic house lies a delightfully modern extension designed by its star architect owner

An Edwardian home in the heart of the suburbs of a major Australian city hides an ultra-chic renovation designed by its star architect owner. While the facade stays true to its early 1900s roots, the modern rear extension blends the old with the new, giving the home a cool, contemporary feel. Located just 20 minutes … Read more

Purple Reign – Stay like royalty this summer!

Purple Reign - Stay like royalty this summer!

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, Premier Inn has listed some of the best British destinations with royal connections. Premier Inn is sharing inspiration for Royal-themed breaks ahead of historic Platinum Jubilee. This summer is all about Purple Reign! Exciting parties and events are taking place across the country to celebrate Queen Elizabeth … Read more